About Kyle Rainey

By Kyle Rainey

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kyle Rainey and I am an Artist, Inventor & Consultant. I have been a self-employed entrepreneur since I was a 19 year old college student and my specialty has always been marketing.  While I was in college, I invented a product, called “The Recycle Cycle”, which is an adjustable recycle bin cart used to wheel recycle bins to the curb.  I personally wrote my own Patent Application and I received U.S. Patent # 6,382,642.  Using my marketing skills and the power of the internet, I successfully licensed my patent to a large manufacturing company and received royalties for my invention for several years.  I also produced a 60 second direct response commercial for my product which aired on national television and I got my product featured in many consumer catalogs.  You can click on www.TheRecycleCycle.com to see a website that is still floating around the web from when I was marketing “The Recycle Cycle” years ago. If you are interested in buying one or more Recycle Cycles, I can put you in touch with the company that I licensed my Patent to.

When I graduated college with a degree in Business Management and Marketing I got into the retail package and shipping business also known as Mail & Parcel Centers.  I didn’t go with a franchise, instead I opened my own chain, called Postal Express.  I started my first store for less than $10k and a year later I owned 3 different locations.  I really enjoyed the process of opening a new store and building a new business using different marketing strategies that I created, so I decided to start consulting others to follow my blueprint.  I started a company, called MPC Consulting, which stood for Mail & Parcel Center Consulting and I solely used the internet to market my consulting services.  Over the next several years I helped people all over the country open their own Mail & Parcel Centers using my blueprint that I created and I saved them thousands of dollars compared to going with a franchise.  During this time, I also sold my 3 stores so I could concentrate more on my consulting and other business ideas I wanted to pursue.  The whole time that I ran my 3 stores and consulted new store owners I also owned an Invention Consulting Company and helped other inventors avoid the common mistakes and obstacles faced by inventors. 

I have always had a passion for art and I have been painting my whole life.  One day, I decided to start combining my passion for art with my passion for inventing, which led me to Abstract Painting.  One of my paintings has recently been chosen by Holiday Inn Hotels to be reproduced and will be hanging in Hotel rooms all over the U.S. To learn more my artwork, please visit: www.KyleRaineyArt.com

I recently appeard on ABC’s Shark Tank pitching one of my inventions, called TailLightz. www.TailLightz.com

After my appearance on Shark Tank, I get contacted all the time by inventors wanting help with their ideas or products. I now offer Inventor Consulting and am currently involved with helping 5 companies.

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