Shark Tank Pitch

Posted: 3rd February 2012 by Kyle Rainey in As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Below, is my entire pitch that I said in the tank. After reading it, you will notice that only bits and pieces were actually aired on the show.

Hello – My name is Kyle Rainey from Baton Rouge, LA. I am president of RainWorks, LLC and creator of Tail Lightz . I am here today seeking $50,000 in exchange for 50% of my business.

My product does not exist in the market today and will soon be catching on as a hot new trend in fashion, with people of all ages, bringing attention to their greatest assets.

“Once these hit the market, no one will want to be caught without their Tail Lightz on.”

Tail Lightz are attachable lighted designs & fun phrases for jean pockets, with no jean manufacturing involved. Anyone can easily attach & detach Tail Lightz to the back pocket of any jeans, shorts or heck – even your hat, purse or backpack. There are tiny, strong magnets on the back of each lighted design which hold it in place no matter what you put it on. What is so unique about my product is its versatility and how easily it can be removed from the pocket, keeping the clothing machine washable.

I came up with this idea after buying a pair of light up shoes for my 5 year old daughter. After she saw another friend wearing some, she just had to have them. She begged us for a pair and like most parents, we eventually gave in. After seeing the smile on my daughters face, I thought: wouldn’t it be cool to add flashing lights to other clothing items and that’s when Tail Lightz were born. Just like those light up shoes -children & teenagers will soon be begging their parents for this ultimate fashion accessory. The design options for Tail Lightz are so diverse that we can tailor our designs towards all age groups. Designs like the Soccer Ball, Happy Face and Peace Sign would appeal to young kids while the Fleur de Lis, Heart & Flower would appeal more to teenage girls and young woman. And our Fun Phrase Designs, like: Sassy Britches, Rock Star & Drama Queen will appeal to girls & woman of all ages. We could also develop a line of college and professional sports team logos – the options are endless.

My products are currently in the design phase with working prototypes. With your partnership, I will be able to design slimmer retail ready products and packaging so that Tail Lightz will soon be lighting up every retail store across the country.

I have also taken this product one step further and designed a new fashion line. So, who is ready to partner with an experienced inventor and light things up!

Now I have some samples to hand out so I can shed light on my idea.

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