Back in September 2010 I decided to get serious about losing some weight. Like most people trying to lose weight, I have tried almost every diet or weight loss pill out there. I have even tried exercise, but I could never lose more than 10 pounds with anything I tried and the weight never stayed off. While researching some new diets, I decided to try the HCG Diet in oral drop form – but I was very skeptical and didn’t think it would work. 30 days later with ZERO Exercise, I was 30 pounds lighter and it was the easiest diet I had ever tried. I never got hungry, got gitters & I actually craved the food I was supposed to eat. I decided to do another round of the same HCG Diet in December 2010 and dropped another 30 pounds – so I lost 60 pounds total within 60 days of dieting. It’s been over a year and I have kept all the weight off, while eating anything I want & still ZERO Exercise. The biggest advantage to this diet is that if followed correctly and if you get pure HCG (not the homeopathic stuff being sold all over the internet) you actually reset your metabolism. This is what allows you to eat whatever you want and keep the weight off. The picture of me on this website was taken before I lost the weight and you hopefully noticed that I was much thinner on Shark Tank (even with the extra 10 pds TV adds to you).

If you are wanting to lose 20 or more pounds and want to learn more about the HCG Diet and how to get the exact same drops I used, click on the contact button above or email me at: and put HCG Diet in the Subject Line.

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